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SBC always stick to creating maximum value constantly for customer as our target, and make sure our product to be indefective as our basic principle, strictly implement the standard of IS9001:2000 quality management system enrolling a mass of management talents of high quality, having a whole process of supervising and controlling to the design and production for each style of product so as to achieving the goal that no clients complain to us.


SBC possess various of international advanced testing facilities, which is a strong warranty for producing high standard of LED display. SBC introduced other advanced function testing equipments such as automatic parameter LED device, LED aging device, lightness gun and so on, which guarantees the reliability and consistency of LED.
In order to meet the demand of customers all over the world, we build the aging testing laboratory that mock the climate change, all the LED modules will go through 48 hours of high or low temperature vibration testing before assemble, after this testing ok, we will assemble and have a 72-hours-aging to enhance the stability and reliability of LED display.

Various of transportation is the deadly killer of LED display, we also equipped the device that mock the vibrant transportation so as to eliminate the danger factor.
All the parts have undergone the salt-fog testing and guaranteed the capacity of anti-acid and anti-alkali of all components up to international standard.

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