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Beltéri led falak Kültéri led falak Fényújság / Fényreklám

The silicone sealant has been used to seal the front surface of the modules for waterproof treatment.

Multiple modules can compose a full color LED display wall.


It can be used as linear light source instead of the digital tube.

It can be combined freely in different shapes and installed conveniently without influencing the appearance and structure of the object.

Because the display unit is bar-shaped,many special-shaped display such as the inside curve display,the outside curve display,the outside rond display,it has the displaying effects which can not be realized by the ordinary display.

The curtain LED display has the advantages such as the lighter weight, easier installation,finer heat disspation,both front and rear service, lower cost installation framwork and multifunction without fan,ect.

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