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Project Name: Tacheng kultúrális fesztivál színes LED kijelző
Project Location: China Xinjiang Tacheng
Specifications: Skylight 13
Cabinet area: 350sqm
Sector: bérelhető ledkijelző
Time for Completion: 2012.09

Project Description:
September 7th, the Tacheng vegetables Tourism and Culture Festival grand opening. The street Phi Hung wounded, is imbued with a festive atmosphere, only vegetable culture festivals in Xinjiang. The third Tacheng vegetables Tourism and Culture Festival cum in Central Asia - Tacheng Import and Export Fair in Tacheng grand opening . Liming, Xin group, Guo Feng, Xu Qianya Moscow girls and many artists to help out for Tacheng audience brought an exquisite visual feast. The Liming sing "full day love "and" Tonight you will not come, winning applause from the audience. The field activities using our skylight Series SC41W products, with a thin and light, quick to install, easy handling characteristics, use our company a number of the latest technology, high gradation, high refresh rate to meet the high-end camera live performances shooting requirements, with a perfect display, the realistic dynamic screen, high-definition color brings the audience visual shock, but also the performances of the entire field to a climax again and again, the perfection of the whole field performances performance, organizers said SBC product performance was highly commended.